Learn to Play Like a Hawaiian

Pat offers ukulele instruction to students of all levels – beginner through advanced.  Pat has helped hundreds of aspiring musicians become confident and accomplished ukulele players though private and group lessons and though one of his many classes and seminars at ukulele clubs, on ukulele cruises offered by major cruise lines, at ukulele festivals on both coasts, and at community colleges and adult learning centers. 


Just starting out?  Pat's easy and fun “Playing-by-Ear” method will have you making beautiful music quickly.  It works for intermediate and advanced players, too.


Whatever your musical goal or level of experience, Pat  will have you playing better immediately.  What's more, he will share tips and tricks that will pave the way to fast and steady improvement.  As one of Pat’s students put it, “Pat didn’t just teach me – he taught me how to  continue to teach myself.”  The best part?  Pat makes it all great fun!       


For more information about lessons and ukulele classes  Contact Pat.