The Hawaiian term, nahenahe (pronounced nah-hey-nah-hey), means soft, sweet, and melodious.  Pat can help to infuse your special day with romance and South Seas island magic through his playing and singing of traditional and contemporary island tunes rendered with feeling, in the nahenahe style.


Before the Ceremony  

Pat tastefully entertains while family and friends await the start of the proceedings.


During the Ceremony  

The traditional blowing of the pu (conch shell) dramatically announces that the ceremony is about to begin and serves as a convenient signal to guests and wedding party alike that all should be in their places.  Pat can then sing a different song as each wedding party principal proceeds up the aisle or beach.  Among the songs often requested are “The Hawaiian Wedding Song,” “Ka Makani Ka Ili Aloha,” “Blue Hawaii,” and, lately, Iz's “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  Pat can also coordinate with the minister should he or she need a soft musical background as special observances, such as the “sand ceremony,” the “lei ceremony,” or any other pauses that take place during the wedding ceremony.


After the Ceremony 

Pat will continue to play music - more 'up-temo' now - as family and friends congratulate the new "Mr. and Mrs." and  photographers take pictures. 


At the Reception

If you’d like for Pat to stay for the reception, he will be happy to design an entertainment package that perfectly suits your needs.  He will mix romantic melodies with fun and lively tunes in English and Hawaiian.  Pat can appear as a solo performer or with a hand-picked group of musicians of any size, including singers and even costumed hula dancers for a full-blown Polynesian musical review, depending upon your wishes and your entertainment budget.